Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hunt and Gather Trunk Show

Here are some pictures of my wares at the Hunt and Gather Trunk Show today. Even though I had a late night last night and had about 4 hours of sleep in total, I managed to have a great (though utterly lethargic) day and an awesome time hanging out with some uber-talented crafters. Shout outs go to flu-ravaged button-ista Becky of Sweetie Pie Press (my table neighbour for the day) and the lovely and talented ceramicist Emily of Nesting Emily, who I was very happy to have met for the first time!

Thanks Becky and Karen of the Workroom for inviting me!

(Photos by Karen Valino)


Jenny said...

I'm very happy with the little tea-bag paper/shoe guys I bought!

Tara Bursey said...

Hi Jenny!

Thanks! Hope you enjoyed your cup of tea too!