Sunday, April 05, 2009

Zine Geekery

I have SO much to do this month, it's insane. I am going though heaps of bull$#*t right now pertaining to university applications, I am spending nearly every night doing work for a show I'm going to be in at Harbourfront Centre next month, and I should really be thinking about what I'll be bringing to the
Hunt and Gather Trunk Show (where I'll be tabling zines, crafts, and rummage) in a few weeks at The Workroom. Though I wouldn't say I've been slacking off entirely, I've been spending time that would be best spent elsewhere ( my desk gluing onion skins together!) on a new and exciting internet find- the We Make Zines online community. After signing up the Toronto Zine Library on the advice of a friend, I couldn't resist making my own page for my bajillion zines and bookworks. I've spent the last couple of days posting photos, finding/scanning ancient zines done in high school, and I must say, it's been really amazing revisiting some of my old zine output. It made me remember how long I've been doing zines, how much I've done, and how special they are to me! I've been feeling a little bogged down with artwork lately, so it's been a nice change taking stock of an important part of my creative life I sometimes take for granted...

For those of you interested in zines or who do zines of your own, add We Make Zines to your list of things you do to procrastinate.

And check out my WMZ page, is you feel so inclined.

Pictured (Top to Bottom):
Tea Bag (2004)
Poseur Grrrl #12 (2003)
Cahier (2005)

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Andrew Culture said...

I love We Make Zines, I'm not bragging or anything but I was one of the first five or six people to join!

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