Thursday, June 29, 2006

Upcoming Shows

August 2006- Square Foot 2006 (group) at AWOL Gallery, Toronto
October 2006- From Russia With Love (solo) at Fly Gallery, Toronto
November 2006- Shadow Box Exhibition (group) at the Textile Museum
December 2006- Holiday Show and Auction (group) at Bobbyfive Gallery

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Wing Studies

These Wing Studies, as well as the Web Drawings posted previously, are currently in an exhibition of class work at TSA called THE WILD. The show looks great, and consists of work by 5 or 6 students all working under the blanket theme of Wild/Wildlife, both real and fantastical. Also on display is a Bestiary (an illustrated alphabet) we produced as a group.

The Wings pictured are size-as "specimens" of bird wings made out of different colours of onion skin. From the top, they are titled Wing Study- Hummingbird, Wing Study- Turtle Dove and Wing Study- Brewer's Sparrow. Unfortunately, the scan quality isn't fantastic, so you aren't really getting a sense of their striking texture or colour here. For instance, the Brewer's Sparrow detail on the left is actually a brilliant lemon yellow with pale orange. I did these, and the web drawings, to illustrate the various examples of natural structure and order within nature.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Monday, June 12, 2006

Bookworks & Zines

I never really thought to document my zines and bookworks until recently. Here is a small sampling of recent ones: TEA BAG (Sept-Dec 2004), CAHIER (Apr-May 2005) and EL CORAZON (Sept-Nov 2005). I typically sell these at annual zine fairs for 3-4 dollars each, as well as give them away or trade them to friends and relatives. It's been a while since I've done one...maybe I'll try to pop one off just for fun within the next few weeks. I have a fairly elaborate one planned that will be produced in conjunction with my From Russia With Love installation in October, which should be pretty neat...
Zines have been a huge part of my life since my early teens....I would have never guessed that 10 years after I made my first one, I'd be conducting a talk about them at an art college, and exhibiting one in an art gallery. Crazy. It is sad that zines are a bit of an oddity within the art world...when I did my talk about the history of zines, very few people outside of faculty had ever heard of them.
Click on the bookwork images for a closer look...

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

REVIEW- Heloise Audy and Julie Flaubert

HELOISE AUDY & JUDY FLAUBERT- The Hive-Dress (La robe-ruche)@ A Space Gallery. April 28-June 3, 2006.

The Hive-Dress is a mixed media installation by Quebec artists Heloise Audy and Julie Flaubert, both known for site-specific work that addresses the body and issues of space, memory and language using both high and low technologies.

The "dress," a structure comprised of swatches of fabric Audy and Flaubert collected in the factories of Montreal's garment district, poignantly articulates both the internal and external plight of the seamstress. Within the coccoon-like fabric hive, one can read handwritten tags documenting the innermost thoughts of hundreds of garment workers, ranging from the profound ("Respect for each of our sisters...," "...the journey is long.") to the everyday ("What should I make him for dinner?"). The collected "reveries," written in each woman's own hand and native language, beautifully articulates the universality of the workday, where behind every action lies a dream or invisible thought; where the physical world and the sublime converge.

Heloise and Flaubert's Hive-Dress paints a poignant picture of the world of seamstress, and serves as a monument to not only the unseen worker, but millions of fleeting thoughts, held close, yet left unsaid.

Friday, June 02, 2006

WHITE WASH installation pictures

Here are some pictures taken directly after the White Wash installation. I'm pretty happy with the way things panned out...the shorts really stand out. I received tons of kind words and encouragement during the install. Now I have to worry about the REALLY stressful part of exhibiting...the dreaded OPENING. More pictures to come...

Pictured: Top- Save Me From What I Want (2005), Compulsion Soap (2005/06) Centre- Formation (2005), Save Me From What I Want (2005) Bottom- Formation (2005)