Sunday, June 25, 2006

Wing Studies

These Wing Studies, as well as the Web Drawings posted previously, are currently in an exhibition of class work at TSA called THE WILD. The show looks great, and consists of work by 5 or 6 students all working under the blanket theme of Wild/Wildlife, both real and fantastical. Also on display is a Bestiary (an illustrated alphabet) we produced as a group.

The Wings pictured are size-as "specimens" of bird wings made out of different colours of onion skin. From the top, they are titled Wing Study- Hummingbird, Wing Study- Turtle Dove and Wing Study- Brewer's Sparrow. Unfortunately, the scan quality isn't fantastic, so you aren't really getting a sense of their striking texture or colour here. For instance, the Brewer's Sparrow detail on the left is actually a brilliant lemon yellow with pale orange. I did these, and the web drawings, to illustrate the various examples of natural structure and order within nature.

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