Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hunt and Gather Trunk Show

Here are some pictures of my wares at the Hunt and Gather Trunk Show today. Even though I had a late night last night and had about 4 hours of sleep in total, I managed to have a great (though utterly lethargic) day and an awesome time hanging out with some uber-talented crafters. Shout outs go to flu-ravaged button-ista Becky of Sweetie Pie Press (my table neighbour for the day) and the lovely and talented ceramicist Emily of Nesting Emily, who I was very happy to have met for the first time!

Thanks Becky and Karen of the Workroom for inviting me!

(Photos by Karen Valino)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Glove inventory...

For the past month and a bit, I've been working on these onion/garlic skin gloves for an upcoming exhibition hosted by Harbourfront's craft department. I'm nearly finished constructing eight pairs of gloves- all the ones that will be shown- but I have yet to apply any "details" to six of the eight pairs. Yikes! The show opens during the first week of May...this is going to be a pretty hectic next couple of weeks, to say the least...

A portion of the artist's statement:

"Second Skins expands on an existing body of work involving the use of vegetable matter/skins and sculptural material. These works have explored the inherent structural sameness of plant, animal and human beings, often by using plant and food matter to represent both animal and human forms. At the root of these works are diverse interests in biology and taxonomy, the relationship between the body and the garment, and the universal impulse to hoard.

"Onion and garlic skins are employed in Second Skins to create a series of women’s gloves. Common food waste such as corn silk and garlic stems serve as embellishments while simultaneously evoking anatomical details, skin conditions and cosmetic flaws. The gloves, while serving as an attractive foil, allude to the fragility and strength of the human body and the temporal nature of all living things."

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Hunt and Gather Trunk Show

Next Sunday, I'll be a part of the Hunt and Gather Trunk Show at the Workroom, curated by Becky Johnson and Karen Valino! I'll be peddling zines, pins, crafts and a few selected pieces of larger artwork as well as some awesome rummage which will include sewing supplies, Japanese and found papers, vintage books, nik naks and other miscellanea. The show will feature some awesome local makers of paper goods, craft, wearables, ceramics, art and their craft-related rummage! A really awesome opportunity to score some great stuff!

Other vendors include:

Girl Number Twenty

Lines by Davis

Mr. Skona

Needle Book

Nesting Emily

Old Weston

Resurrection Fern

Sarah Anne Fork

Sara McNeil

the sweetie pie press

the workroom

Free food, too! Hope to see you there!

The Hunt and Gather Trunk Show
Sunday April 19, 2009
the workroom
1340 Queen Street West

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Zine Geekery

I have SO much to do this month, it's insane. I am going though heaps of bull$#*t right now pertaining to university applications, I am spending nearly every night doing work for a show I'm going to be in at Harbourfront Centre next month, and I should really be thinking about what I'll be bringing to the
Hunt and Gather Trunk Show (where I'll be tabling zines, crafts, and rummage) in a few weeks at The Workroom. Though I wouldn't say I've been slacking off entirely, I've been spending time that would be best spent elsewhere ( my desk gluing onion skins together!) on a new and exciting internet find- the We Make Zines online community. After signing up the Toronto Zine Library on the advice of a friend, I couldn't resist making my own page for my bajillion zines and bookworks. I've spent the last couple of days posting photos, finding/scanning ancient zines done in high school, and I must say, it's been really amazing revisiting some of my old zine output. It made me remember how long I've been doing zines, how much I've done, and how special they are to me! I've been feeling a little bogged down with artwork lately, so it's been a nice change taking stock of an important part of my creative life I sometimes take for granted...

For those of you interested in zines or who do zines of your own, add We Make Zines to your list of things you do to procrastinate.

And check out my WMZ page, is you feel so inclined.

Pictured (Top to Bottom):
Tea Bag (2004)
Poseur Grrrl #12 (2003)
Cahier (2005)