Saturday, April 18, 2009

Glove inventory...

For the past month and a bit, I've been working on these onion/garlic skin gloves for an upcoming exhibition hosted by Harbourfront's craft department. I'm nearly finished constructing eight pairs of gloves- all the ones that will be shown- but I have yet to apply any "details" to six of the eight pairs. Yikes! The show opens during the first week of May...this is going to be a pretty hectic next couple of weeks, to say the least...

A portion of the artist's statement:

"Second Skins expands on an existing body of work involving the use of vegetable matter/skins and sculptural material. These works have explored the inherent structural sameness of plant, animal and human beings, often by using plant and food matter to represent both animal and human forms. At the root of these works are diverse interests in biology and taxonomy, the relationship between the body and the garment, and the universal impulse to hoard.

"Onion and garlic skins are employed in Second Skins to create a series of women’s gloves. Common food waste such as corn silk and garlic stems serve as embellishments while simultaneously evoking anatomical details, skin conditions and cosmetic flaws. The gloves, while serving as an attractive foil, allude to the fragility and strength of the human body and the temporal nature of all living things."

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