Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Zines/Bookworks at Freedom Clothing Collective

I dropped off some more zines and bookworks at Freedom Clothing Collective last week...new titles now available include Tea Bag (2004), Cahier (2005), Plastic Nurses and Science Freaks (2005) and brand spanking new Pulp Cover Notebooks (pictured with spokescat, Exene), hand bound with real vintage pulp fiction covers! Stop by the shop and check them out!

Also, a solo show at Freedom may be in the works of original art I've created for zines, as well as altered books/art in book format. Stay tuned for more details...

Freedom Clothing
939 Bloor Street West
(west of Ossington)
Toronto www.freedomclothingcollective.com

Monday, July 23, 2007

Toronto Zine Library- Selections at She Said Boom! Window Space

Toronto Zine Library

August 1-31, 2007.
She Said Boom! Window Space

372 College Street

This exhibition showcases highlights from the Toronto Zine Library’s collection. Included are zines from the 80s to the present, ranging from literary and art-based zines to political/feminist/queer zines to punk rock fanzines. These selections- though only a mere glimpse into the past and present of “underground publishing”- illustrate the rich history of subversive thought, graphic art and free expression associated with
the zine medium.

The Toronto Zine Library is a reading room and lending library run by a collective of zine-readers, zine-makers and librarians striving to make zines more accessible in Toronto. They believe that zines are an important medium of communication, and that they should be cherished, protected and promoted. The TZL aims to do this through not only a public collection of more than 1200 catalogued pieces, but also by conducting talks and workshops at the library and abroad, as well as by holding related events that promote zines as a method of open communication. The Toronto Zine Library is currently based out of the
second floor of the Tranzac Club.

The Toronto Zine Library Collective is Suzanne Sutherland, Patrick Mooney and Tara Bursey. For more information on the Toronto Zine Library and its collective, consult the Toronto Zine Library website: http://www.sitekreator.com/zinelibrary

For more information, contact:
Tara Bursey
She Said Boom! Window Space

Pictured: Pig Paper #14 by Gary Pig (1982)

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Upcoming Exhibitions

It's going to be a SUPER busy next month or so preparing for these shows! Stay tuned to the blog for more details about each of them...

August 2007
Get the Picture! at the Gladstone Hotel (Art auction to benefit Toronto Distress Centres)
September 2007 Elemental Connections at the Ontario Crafts Council Gallery (Curated by Arlene Gehring)
October 2007 Shadow Box Exhibition and Auction at the Textile Museum of Canada

Friday, July 06, 2007

Julian Calleros- Bugs In My Mind

Be sure to check out this month's exhibition at She Said Boom! Window Space...

Bugs in My Mind
Sculpture by
Julian Calleros

July 1-31, 2007
She Said Boom Window Space
372 College Street

From Artists Statement:
My personal evolution, how I relate and interact with people, is the motive for the creation of my artwork and the importance of communicating my thoughts. Through the years I have overcome many challenges, which have affected the way I work with materials. The concepts behind my artwork reflect socio-political issues, and reflect raw personal perspectives. My artwork represents bridges between cultures, languages and ideas, as well as the feelings of belonging and displacement.

Julian Calleros is a Toronto-based artist who works encompasses painting, papier-mâché/sculpture, video and photography. He is originally from Guadalajara,