Monday, May 23, 2011

Sandwich Board

Sandwich Board
Sandwich Board
The beginnings of what will be a pretty intense cross-stitch project. This piece will (hopefully, if it turns out well!) end up in Toronto window gallery institution Fly Gallery's very last show, Paradise Lost, which will run from late June until the end of July.

More on this project as it starts to take shape.

Friday, May 13, 2011

School Jerks EP on Art 4 Punks Blog

Day Two:  The Saga Continues

Not much to report these days-- is it possible that I'm experiencing the dog days of summer in May? I've felt oddly bored and paralyzed lately, as though I've been hit by some form of post-school narcosis.

A few weeks ago the School Jerks EP got a nice mention on a blog that I follow out of LA called Art 4 Punks. Thanks for the props, Paul! Take a look at A4P for a peek at some of the more interesting examples of punk and hardcore record art from this side of 1981.

Here is a funny peek at the process of making the record covers. Ben spent two nights hand stamping 1000 covers in our living room as I (for the most part) watched on in amusement/amazement. While part of me isn't as happy with the overall result of this record over the previous one, it's still pretty awesome and there's been some nice feedback about it.


Monday, May 02, 2011

B'More or Bust

It's official. I'm relocating to Baltimore for 4 months in September to attend MICA. Land of crab cakes and Hairspray. Holy crap!