Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Lookit, Lookit, Lookit at Harbourfront Centre

It's a little late to be posting about this seeing as the opening happened already, but Lookit, Lookit, Lookit is up and is going on until June 21st in York Quay Centre's South Vitrines.  See the following for more information...

Lookit, Lookit, Lookit
Curated by Melanie Egan
May 9th-June 21st, 2009
York Quay Centre, Harbourfront 

Eight Canadian artists muse on perception in this exhibition that asks what it is that captures our interest long enough to formulate opinion, describe a viewpoint, or gain insight. So many things are not what they seem – a mere glance is just not enough. Curated by Melanie Egan. Exhibition works include:

Chet Domanski - In remote areas of the Alberta wilderness, oil and gas wells keep the province’s economy moving. These wells are given new prominence through the creation of stunning bracelets that are machined from worn production tubing used at the wells. Each bracelet has a tag with a geographic reference point to allow the owner to find the location of the well.

Tara Bursey – Onion and garlic skins are employed to create a series of women’s gloves. Common food waste such as corn silk and garlic stems serve as embellishments while evoking anatomical details, skin conditions and cosmetic flaws. The gloves, while serving as an attractive foil, allude to the fragility and strength of the human body and the temporal nature of all living things.

Candice Ring - Functional porcelain vessels are influenced by nature, figure and history. Voluminous forms, rich surfaces and reference to 18th century English earthenware all play a part in the objects. Ring’s processes are similar to that of a tailor; cutting, darting, altering and mending fine porcelain are techniques used to give character and grace to each piece.

Also featuring works by Nadia Li Chai, Barb Hunt, Sarah Troper, Rachael Wong, and Arounna Khounnoraj.

For more information, and information about other shows happening at York Quay Centre this month, consult the Harbourfront Centre website.

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