Sunday, May 24, 2009

Alice and Dali

A pretty damn great picture of rock god Vincent Furnier a.k.a. Alice Cooper with father of surrealism Salvador Dali during a 1973 performance.  Cooper, quoted in Spin Magazine:

"Dali was our rock star; he was our patron saint.  By 1971 or 1972, Alice Cooper and Bowie were the only artistic things going on (in rock'n'roll), so he looked at what we did as surrealism.  But I was nowhere near his league.  He made me the straight man.  So there's a three-day shoot for the hologram and finally a small press conference where he says, "This is the Alice Cooper brain," and pulls out a ceramic brain with a chocolate eclair stuck to it and covered with ants that spell out ALICE AND DALI.  I asked him if I could have it and he said 'Of course not- it's worth millions.'  And he made it the night before.  Stayed up all night making the Alice Cooper Brain."

"That's definitely in the top five things that ever happened to me.  And by the way, no one knows where the brain is.  It's my holy grail, so if you find it let me know."

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