Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Supercrawl 2014 Call for Submissions

Sarah Beck and Shlomi Greenspan, Untitled (It's almost a one liner), 2013. Photo: Harry Gils

Speaking as a Curatorial Committee member of Hamilton Supercrawl, I'd like to present the following PSA.  Hamilton Supercrawl wants YOU to submit proposals of art for this year's event.  Supercrawl is a breathtaking art and music extravaganza-- see below for more information on the festival if you are not familiar.  In addition, if you'd like even more info as well as tips on applying, the Curatorial Committee is holding a free info session tomorrow at the AGH Design Annex for potential applicants. See details about that below as well.

Supercrawl 2014 Call for Artist Submissions
Deadline: January 31, 2014

Supercrawl is a free annual outdoor art and music festival in Hamilton. The Curatorial Committee invites artists working in a wide range of creative disciplines to propose works for installation as part next year's event, taking place on September 12-13, 2014. Supercrawl celebrates the unique mix of arts organizations, cultures, businesses and creative people along James Street North in Hamilton. Last year Supercrawl attracted 100,000 attendees and will continue to grow in scale in 2014. The Committee is interested in seeing proposals in the following media:

Installation art
Video (projection-based is preferred)
Performance art
Public interventions
Storefront window installations
New media

Please note that a priority will be placed on that which can be safely seen, performed, or executed outside, and will remain impactful during both the daytime and night hours of the festival. Each project selected will be allocated an artist’s fee and modest budget.

Submission Requirements:

Please send via email:
1.     Artist's statement—conceptual statement on the work (150 words maximum)
2.     Practical explanation of the work—i.e. Scale, materials, methods, etc.
3.     Three images/stills/sketches of the proposed work, supported by 3-5 images of previous work relevant to the proposed project (jpeg, max. 72dpi, no larger than 768 x 1024 pixels)
4.     A clip, link or digital copy of any video (10 minutes max), if applicable
5.     Title, year, medium, dimensions for all images
6.     Complete installation plan including details of time needed for installation and removal of work as well as tools, equipment and number of assistants needed
7.     Location suggestion for your work (optional)
8.     A statement as to whether the proposed work has been exhibited before; if it has, please include details as to where and when
9.     CV with mailing address, phone number and email contact information

The Supercrawl Curatorial Committee is open to creatively diverse work that has visual impact and responds to the streetscape of the event. Artists and their work will be identified and publicized as official Supercrawl curatorial selections during the event, on the Supercrawl website and in select media releases. The committee will contact selected artists within six weeks following the deadline.

Artist information meeting: Wednesday January 8, 2014, 7-8 pm, AGH Design Annex, 118 James Street North, Hamilton. The Supercrawl Curatorial Committee will provide information about the event and answer artists’ questions in preparation for their submissions.

Send submissions to supercrawlart@gmail.com
Deadline for submissions is January 31, 2014

About the Supercrawl Curatorial Committee:

The Supercrawl Curatorial Committee presents a wide variety of artistic projects at the annual James Street North Supercrawl. The goal of the committee is to curate public art installations and performances in keeping with Supercrawl's diversity, energy and scale. The committee selects projects by local, national and international artists based on artistic merit, originality, and ability to engage our diverse audience. This committee reports to the Supercrawl Board of Directors. Since 2010, the committee has curated works in a variety of media, including works by BGL, Kelly Mark, Kim Adams, Max Streicher, Elinor Whidden, Shayne Dark, Adam David Brown, Marie-Jeanne Musiol, Gareth Lichty, the McMaster Cybernetic Laptop Orchestra, Chris Shepherd, Shake-N-Make Collective, TH&B, Adad Hannah, EN MASSE, Brandon Vickerd, C.R. Avery and others. Current committee members are Melissa Bennett, Tara Bursey, Amy Kenny, Courtney Lakin, Dane Pederson, Alana Traficante, Stephanie Vegh and Matthew Walker.


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