Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Call For Submissions

I just got a new gig curating the Gallery 1313 Window Box Gallery.  FYI:  Past "emerging" artists are a-okay, too. Added bonus:  I plan on doing a critical piece of writing/conducting an interview with all exhibitors, for publication on G1313's website in tandem with the exhibition.  Interested in showing?  Submit!

Gallery 1313 is looking for submissions of site-specific work from emerging artists for our Window Box Gallery.

The Window Box is a projectile-like space that facilitates the production of innovative work.  It is located outside Gallery 1313’s main entrance in the courtyard of 1313 Queen Street West in Toronto. The Window Box is west-facing and receives direct sunlight.  Because of this, the space cannot accommodate video work.  Heat and light sensitivity should be considered.  The space is 66.5 inches high by 25 inches wide by 22 inches deep.  Shows generally run for one month.

While all submissions are welcome, work that considers the history and character of Parkdale are encouraged.

Submissions should include the following:

- 3 jpgs of recent or proposed work with image information (title, dimensions, date, media)
- A detailed description of the proposed work including hanging information (less than one page in length)
- An updated CV and Bio

Submission Deadline: April 26th, 2013

Please send all submissions to:

Gallery 1313
1313 Queen Street West
Toronto, ON. M6K 1L8

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