Wednesday, July 04, 2012

The Encampment

I was lucky to catch The Encampment-- a massive temporary public art piece by artist collaborators (as well as a huge number of contributing artists) Thomas+Guinevere a couple of weeks ago at Fort York.  200 tents were placed on the grounds of Fort York-- site of The War of 1812-- which served as individual sites for artistic interventions.  The project's handout explained that each tent installation was inspired by real individuals living in the Canadas during the war.  As compelling as some of the tent installations were, for me the real power in the installation was the sight of the 200 tents together on a historic site against the backdrop of the changing city.

Though the tents were (for me) a thoroughly engaging evocation of Canada's history, I can't help but also see them a bittersweet metaphor for my own vague alienation and feelings of displacement in the city I was born in as it changes more everyday.

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gin murray said...

dear tara,

i discovered your blog on a hunt to research craft + vintage sales in the GTA...i started to read your blog and i came across THIS! i was a participant in this grand encampment installation, and out of the 200 tents the only picture you posted was an image of my installation! it has filled me with joy, and one of those moments that made me feel like i was in the right place. weird but wonderful.

gin murray