Friday, February 10, 2012

First Art Purchase


I am unbelievably excited to announce that I've made my first major art purchase! It's a 'Putz' bag of chips sculpture by the artist STO, inspired by the regional chip brand Utz from Pennsylvania. Utz chips were a staple in Baltimore-- they were everywhere there, and we ate a boatload of them. So this is a super cool joint Valentine's gift for us, financed mainly with my own art sales at Katherine Mulherin's new-ish Queen West art shop, No Show Exhibits.

The chip bag was originally included in a New York exhibition called My Slow Called Life in NYC at Mulherin Pollard Gallery. For the show, STO recreated his entire apartment in paper mache. Photographs of the installation can be found here on STO's blog.


Here is Ben wishing these were a real life bag of Utz' Crab flavoured chips, a Baltimore favourite of ours...either that or Carolina-Style BBQ...

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