Sunday, January 23, 2011

Wunderkabinet, Round Two

Here are some pictures of my plaster fingers in the second Wunderkabinet exhibition, curated by Toronto expat Leah Buckareff. The show opened a few days ago, and runs until April in a cozy corner of a great shop/craft space called La Bastellerie in Berlin's Kreuzberg neighbourhood.

I was in last year's inaugural Wunderkabinet exhibition, and I'm thrilled Leah invited me back for a second showing, which features some of my favourite artists and crafty types from Toronto and abroad. The first photos give a glimpse of said talent, such as (from left) Sara Guindon of the Pin Pals, Lana Bragina a.k.a Uloni and Rosalyn Faustino. What company!

For more info on the Wunderkabinet, take a look at this website.

Photo Credits, from top: Lana Bragina and Leah Buckareff


Uloni said...

I was there this friday and fond it wonderful, so much interesting weird handmade items ))
Here a picture, where you can see more:

Tara Bursey said...

Thanks, Lana! That picture is really gives an idea of what the whole wall looked like.

I am such a fan of everything in the show~! I adore your work, Misanthrope Specialty Co's matchbooks, and the hair-bun pieces look like they'll be amazing. I have many friends in the's so nice to see everyone's work together like that.