Monday, June 28, 2010

Dead or Alive

Saw the exhibition Dead or Alive at the Museum of Craft and Design during my trip to NYC and Brooklyn. The show was incredible-- much of the work in the show reminded me so much of my own work, to the point that it made me feel a little weird. I ended up buying the show's catalogue, which is also gorgeous.

More on the show here.

From the top:

Keith Bentley, Cauda Equina
Helen Altman, Balsam Fir Skull
Tracy Heneberger, Cool Water
Kate MccGwire, Sluice (detail)
Alastair Mackie, Untitled (+/-)


Jen Spinner said...

It should make you feel weird! After a quick glance at the images, I thought it *was* your work. Amazing show, thanks for sharing!

Tara Bursey said...

Ha, ha...yeah...there was a piece in the show that was almost like a mandala/sun-shaped disc made out of sardines! It was a little too close for comfort to my Shrimplace!

Oh well...that's life, I guess!