Friday, January 15, 2010

New Years Mail-Art Trade

A few weeks ago, I participated in a chain-letter-y mail-art trade that was sent my way via email by the lovely and talented Julie Voyce. I was drawn in by the promise that if all goes as planned, I should be the recipient of 36 pieces of original artwork. Three weeks later, the art is rolling into my mailbox, and it has been quite thrilling to say the least. Above is a sampling of the work I've recieved so far...

From top:
Spores of North-Central Estonia: Stratismospores watercolour and pinback button by Leah Buckareff of Coldsnap Bindery
Mark IV-Piet digital print by Tyler Brett
Handmade Book by Amy Shostak

I sent a copy of my PRCSSC zine to New York artist Karen Azoulay.


sweetie pie press said...

my mail box is starting to fill up, too. it is funny. all of these pieces are from people i sent emails to. it is so nice to spy like this.

Tara Bursey said...

Ha, ha...spy away, Becky.

You wouldn't believe what I got in the mail from KALPNA today...I'll post a photo of it soon...