Wednesday, September 02, 2009

PRCSSC + paperwork/foodwork

Two blog posts in one day about yours truly! First, a little bluurb from the lovely Becky Johnson about my brand new zine project, Punk Rockers on Creative Survival and the Survival of Creativity.  I have yet to write about this project here, so stay tuned for more on this. Secondly is a short piece on artclothtext about my online exhibition, paperwork/foodwork up on poplar by artist Lesley Bricknell.  She writes:

"Artist Tara Bursey’s show paperwork/foodwork is currently on show at Poplar Online.  One of my favourite pieces is shrimplace, pale pink shrimps enmeshed together like a doiley.  It seems to me to hint at craft practices once traditionally associated with women.  Crochet, lacemaking - repetitious, labour intensive, domestic.  Tara’s choice of food as artworks is an interesting one.  Surely the refusal or rationing of food is a position of power and control.  Manageing the ‘unmanageable’?"

Becky's post here.  Lesley's post here.

Pictured:  Shrimplace (detail), 2008.

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