Friday, August 07, 2009

Call for Submisisons: Collectorama at OCAD Graduate Gallery

I found this neat call on Toronto Craft Alert about a week ago.  I'd really like to talk about my record collection...! Check it out.


Collectorama is an afternoon event dedicated to the gesture, impulse, and manifestation of collecting. It is being held in conjunction with the exhibition Other People’s Collections* in the OCAD Graduate Gallery on Saturday, September 19, 2009, 11 – 3pm.

Collectorama is an event for enthusiasts, artists, and experts to collectively tease out the pertinence and resonance of collecting and collections.

Collectorama is looking for you and your idiosyncratic! populist! embarrassing! enviable! professional! amateur! imaginary! real! contemporary! historical! rare! ordinary! huge! overwhelming! modest! boring! collection and/or research to be shared as a 10-20 minute presentation. There will be a slide & video projector present as visuals are strongly encouraged.

!! call for participation !!
Please submit:

  • a short description of the collection you will focus on
  • a short proposal outlining the scope of your presentation including the expected length and whether visuals will be used (making note of the format: digital, slides, objects…)
  • a bio and/or cv

Email your submission to: by Tuesday,
September 1, 2009. All participants will be contacted within one week
regarding their participation in this event.

* Other People’s Collections is a collaborative exhibition between
Hazel Meyer, Amy Pelletier, and Deborah Wang, working with the
gesture, process and repurposing of collections. The exhibition will
consist of Meyer’s installation Cvjetka Meyer’s collection of 1027
handkerchiefs- strung, hung and motorized and Pelletier’s series of 36
photographs, Collector, along with the launch of Wang’s Text Painting
Project, at the OCAD Graduate Gallery from September 17 to October 4,

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