Thursday, June 11, 2009

Po.lar.i.ty at Launch Projects

I am co-curating the following exhibition (with friend and incredible photo-based artist, Stephanie Cormier), which opens next week at Launch Projects.


An group exhibition of sculpture/installation, glass, photography and multiples by:

Leanne Eisen
Emma Gerard
Alexandra Mainella
Kim Stanford

Curated by Stephanie Cormier and Tara Bursey

Runs June 17-28, 2009
Reception:  Thursday, June 18th, 6-9pm
at Launch Projects
404 Adelaide Street West

Po-lar-i-ty is an exhibition which explores ideas surrounding polarity and dichotomy, specifically with regard to traditional  women’s roles, activities and rituals.  Leanne Eisen projects representations of the sex industry onto the medium of the conventional dollhouse, juxtaposing the equally constricted and restrictive roles of  homemaker and sexworker within detailed dioramas.  Emma Gerard’s hot sculpted glass breast implant multiples use material and process to present a playful yet striking visual pun. Similarly, Alexandra Mainella uses multiple representations of lipsticks and pedicure tools cast in bronze and aluminum, transforming them into bullet shells and brass knuckles, while Kim Stanford uses steel wool to create a giant steel wool spool of yarn, commenting on the nature of repetitive domestic tasks and activities.

For more information, contact Stephanie Cormier:

Image credit:  Emma Gerard

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