Friday, January 02, 2009

Punk Project

Punk Rockers On Creative Survival and the Survival of Creativity

Call for interview-ees

I am working on a print project and need your help.

is a publication that will touch on punk, "creativity," class, and counter-cultural activity. People in bands or people who do any sort of creative "work" relating to punk/hardcore (recording, fanzines, record/flyer art, bedroom labels, etc) are needed for short interviews that will discuss punk "production," and how living in Toronto effects what we do and how we do it, for better or for worse. If you are someone who just hangs out and goes to shows, I want to talk to you too. Interviews will be conducted by email only, and you can say as much or as little as you want.

PRCSSC will be distributed in Toronto, Winnipeg and Portland as a part of Create The Situation, a series of artist-made zines about art and activism.

If you're interested, or would like more information about the project, contact me (Tara) at cleanteen(at)

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vantiani said...

I just realized that I could make one for Jakarta punk scene:)

Thank you for sharing and the inspiration, Tara!