Sunday, March 23, 2008

Insecurity Blanket Exhibition

Insecurity Blanket

Tara Bursey

April 1-15th, 2008.
Fly Gallery
1172 Queen Street West

Insecurity Blanket is a sculpture-based installation in which the focal point is a blanket woven from shredded office documents. Juxtaposing the chaos of a randomized pattern with the order of a precise weave, the work explores ideas surrounding personal security, labour, repetition and technology.

Tara Bursey is a recent graduate of the Toronto School of Art’s diploma program and a former student at Ontario College of Art and Design. An artist whose practice encompasses sculpture and installation as well as drawing and craft, Tara’s work is characterized by its use of delicate sculptural materials such as garlic skin, hair and paper. In the past two years, she has exhibited extensively throughout the city in a diverse range of venues, from storefront window installations and telephone poles to the Textile Museum of Canada, the Ontario Crafts Council, as well as in group exhibitions in Halifax and Copenhagen. Tara’s most recent projects include acting as Curator of She Said Boom! Window Space, and working as one-third of the Toronto Zine Library Collective. In addition to her work as a fine artist, Tara also operates actively within Toronto’s independent music and small-press communities as a DJ, illustrator, designer and writer. She was born and raised in Toronto, Canada.

For more information contact:
Stephanie Cormier or Nancy Oakes
Administrative Assistants,
Toronto School of Art
(416) 504-7910

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