Sunday, June 24, 2007

Bookworks/Zines now available at Freedom Clothing

As of last Friday, my zines/bookworks became available exclusively through a boutique/studio space called Freedom Clothing in Toronto. From Russia with Love, Teenage Lust and my Record Cover Notebooks are there on sale now, and other titles will be available there within coming weeks.

Freedom Clothing is run by the Freedom Clothing Collective, a group of fine young designers. The shop is gorgeous, and sells a variety of wearables and readables, from new and reworked vintage clothing to accesories, handmade jewellry, zines and artist's multiples. They also have rotating art exhibitions every month or so. From their website:

The core values of the collective are freedom of expression and freedom to responsible consumption. We feel that clothing should be expressive, intelligent and accessible. In an industry often seen as being frivolous and pretentious, Freedom Clothing offers an alternative way to make, sell & buy fashion. As young business owners we hope to foster both accessibility to local artists as well as bridge the gap between fashion and building community relationships. By supporting us, the community helps to recycle what would normally end up in landfills while funding creative and socially conscious production methods. We integrate recycled fabrics with new materials in our designs to promote an environmentally conscious way of purchasing and wearing clothing.

Freedom Clothing
939 Bloor Street West
(1 Block West of Ossington)

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