Sunday, February 11, 2007

Sex Pots II at Prime Gallery

I'll be showing two of my garlic works at Prime Gallery's annual (I think?) Valentine's event, Sex Pots II. The show will feature several pieces of erotic material-art works: fine ceramics, jewellry, glass and mixed media pieces will all be featured. It should be a fine show...if you can't make it out to the opening on the afternoon of the 17th, try to pop by Prime before the show ends in late March

Sex Pots II
A group exhibition of erotica and sensual works in a mix of mediums.
February 14 to March 24, 2007
Vernissage: Saturday, February 17, 2007. 1-3pm
Prime Gallery
52 McCaul Street

Following the success of Sex Pots 2005, PRIME is pleased to present Sex Pots II, the inspiration for which began with Paul Mathieu's Sex Pots: Eroticism in Ceramics and through our director's burning desire to heat things up in February. This exhibition features erotic works in photography, painting, sculpture, ceramics, jewellery, and mixed media. As an invitational show, we expect an eclectic examination of sexuality, eroticism, and sensuality. Come warm your cockles.

Representations of erotica are as old as the Neolithic, going back 15,000 years, as early as the ceramic tradition itself, including the modelling and firing of symbols of fertility; and then again a mere 10,000 years ago, with the advent of pottery. This fascination with all things sexual continued throughout the Greek and Roman civilizations, in the near and far East, in Africa and South America, and continues to flourish today after the so-called (possibly short-lived) sexual revolution of the mid-20th century.

PRIME is pleased to be able to mount an exhibition of contemporary works in various mediums depicting the full range of erotic representation. We'll see works by Tara Bursey (Mixed Media: garlic skins), Mimi Cabri (ceramics), Mary Delmage (oil on canvas), Jeremy Drummond (silkscreen on tile), Beth Godfrey (jewellery), Julia Harris (oil on canvas), Carol Louie (jewellery), Alexandra McCurdy (mixed media), Jennifer McGregor (oil on canvas), Julie Moon, Alwyn O'Brien, Matthias Ostermann (all ceramics), Mimi Schulman (jewellery), Jurgen Sommerer (ceramics), Robin Tieu (mixed media and ceramics), Magda Trzaski (mixed media), Annie Tung (jewellery), Andrée Wejsmann (mixed media), Susan Wilde (oil on canvas), and Vanessa Yanow (glass).

As Paul Mathieu, one of the exhibition's previous contributors, wrote in his book Sex Pots (A & C Black, London, 2003): "Among many ironies of sexual desire now is the ever more present visualization of the naked male body, the availability of flesh and the constant erotisation of masculinity by commerce and popular culture in a society that still largely remains paternalistic, heterosexual and heterosexist – something not seen to that extent since Classical Antiquity."

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