Sunday, January 07, 2007

Bayonettes EP

Last night I went to the Bayonettes EP release show at Rancho Relaxo. I did the cover art for the new record, included above. The concept for the cover stemmed from an Out of Vogue (my DJ night from December 2005-October 2006, now defunct) flyer I did using the same hanging figures stolen from the cover of The Sonics
Boom record. It was a lot of people's favourite Out of Vogue flyer - mine included - so when asked to do the Bayonettes second album cover, I recycled the idea so (way) more people could see the image I originally made for the (very) limited-run poster.

The Bayonettes are a four-piece punk/hardcore band from Toronto in the vein of early California punk bands such as the Avengers, the Flesh Eaters and the Bags. For more information on them, check out their somewhat outdated website,, or the label's website,

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