Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Fibreworks 2006 at Cambridge Galleries

fibreworks 06
Biennial Juried Exhibition of Contemporary Canadian Fibre Art
Selected by Jurors Aggie Beynon, Heidi Overhill and Vessna Perunovich
September 2 - October 15, 2006
Opening Reception and Awards: Saturday, September 9 at 2:30 pm
Featuring artwork by Karina Bergmans, Susan Bidinosti, J. Lynn Campbell, Suzanne Carlsen, Lyn Carter, Trudie Cheng, Charles Gagnon, Lyne Girard, Sonia Haberstich, Philip Hare, Emily Hermant, Kirtley Jarvis, Susan Warner Keene, Jane Kenyon, Arounna Khounnoraj, Tania Love, Conan Masterson, Shelia McMath, Robin E. Muller, Tracy Murray, Emilie O'Brien, Gordana Olujic-Dosic, Anita Payne, Danielle Reddick, Kathryn Ruppert-Dazai, Lois Schklar, Laurie Siblock, Angela Silver, Karen Thiessen, Barbara Todd, Karen Trask, Arlene Turkington, Angelika Werth, Tessa Windt, Lily Yung

Cambridge Galleries are pleased to present the 20th anniversary of Fibreworks. Since 1986, Cambridge Galleries has organized 11 Fibreworks exhibitions in response to the role that textile manufacture played in Cambridge and as a means of developing the Cambridge Galleries' permanent collection of contemporary Canadian fibre art. This year the jury selected 35 artworks from over 400 submissions by artists from across the country. The exhibition acts as a barometer of exciting new developments in the medium and provides a unique opportunity for fibre artists to share their work with a wider community.
Admission is free of charge.
Cambridge Galleries, Queen's Square, 1 North Square, Cambridge, Ontario
Gallery Hours: Mon-Thurs 9:30 am-8:30 pm; Fri & Sat 9:30 am-5:30 pm; Sun 1 - 5 pm
Info: 519.621.0460 or www.cambridgegalleries.ca
Image: Arounna Khounnoraj, Paper Wall Rice Forms, 2005

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