Friday, July 07, 2006

Affordable White Wash work for sale

Well, the White Wash show has been taken down, and is now over and done with. Millions of thank-yous go out to Rob, Bre, Giselle, and Dave of Bobbyfive for their generous help with the show...not to mention their kindness and enthusiasm. I look very forward to showing again at Bobbyfive, in their Holiday Show in December.

There are two multiples in particular from the show that I still have plenty of for sale, which are really quite neat and VERY affordable. The first is the White Wash pin set/multiple (pictured, bottom), which includes a White Wash mailer (each multiple's mailer has the image of a different US WWII Airman featured as a part of my installation piece Formation) and two UNCLEAN/IMPERFECT pins. These can be bought through me for $5 each. Secondly, I am selling sets of hand-carved UNCLEAN/IMPERFECT soap (pictured, top). Sets of two can be bought for $25 each. Orders and inquiries can be directed to me via email at

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